Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Grooming Report 12/31/08

Big Dave groomed and pulled out "Big Red," our biggest, heaviest, drift buster/crust buster/foot traffic posthole filler/dog poop cleaner-upper and trail leveling grooming implement that we have. We don't use it that often, as we usually end up getting stuck with it somewhere on the system, even when it hasn't just recently snowed. I guess Dave got stuck once today, so the pattern holds.

Anyway, the trails had been taking a beating with the massive amount of foot/snowshoer/dog traffic, so they needed some love. They also desperately needed the classic track set, which was also accomplished. Things should be good for tomorrow.

Everyone be careful tonight and have a Happy New Year.

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rwskis said...

Enjoyed the best (well, my only) groomed trail skiing this season.
It was well worth the drive up from Tijeras.
Thanks Dave and all the rest.
R Besser