Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trail Report 11/21/2015

We're still working hard on getting everything cleared out just to get around the system.  Last night, John Bernardin went out and finished clearing the rest of the tree downage and get a packing pass with the roller.  There was still a lot down, so he only got around once.

Today, Dave Wykoff is up there and there is already some new trees down.  What a mess!  This sort of happens this time of the year with the ground really freezing up and shifting the weak trees around.  That heavy snow and wind made a real mess too, so this will probably continue for a couple more weeks, unfortunately.

So, there's skiing, but you'll have to tiptoe around the tree messes.

PLEASE -- take some time to pick up the branches and debris if you go out.  It is a huge help and really makes things better for the next round of storms.


New trees down just this morning!  Please help clean up the debris left over after clearing the trees.

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