Thursday, November 19, 2015

Trail & Conditions Update 11/19/2015

Well, we had intentions of getting the trail system packed with the little snowcat and the roller, but it turned into a tree clearing and logging operation. If you've been following things, you know I crashed on my mountain bike a little over a week ago and broke a rib, which is not feeling so great and is keeping me from moving quickly. Using a chainsaw and moving very heavy trees is not great for it! 

Also, all grooming implements were completely frozen to the ground, which took a while to deal with! So, not a whole lot to show for two days' worth of work. I think John Bernardin and the other groomer guys are mobilizing to go finish the job on the trail system. A big thanks to them...

 I did get the Camp May road section up to the Mother lift all cleaned up and groomed for both skate and classic. The ski area personnel have driven everything they have on it, so it was a mess. It looked and skied well yesterday. It may not last long. The kids ski team had their first practice on it yesterday, and it was great, but got very chewed up. We'll post pics of the ski team practice when we get a chance.

 Anyway, please be patient with the conditions and our ability to get things going. Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (!) take a moment when you're out on the trails to stop and pick up some of the tree debris in the areas where we cleared out the big trees. I tried to clean out the big stuff, but there's still a lot of debris. Just pick up a few handfuls and toss it over the side. That really helps things.

You can imagine my disappointment at seeing this!
RIP point G tree
Due to my rib situation, I had to make a bunch of extra cuts, then lie on my back in the snow and push the logs with my legs!
I actually used Kermit to help move some of the log sections

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