Friday, October 23, 2015

Snow Fence Hanging Party THIS Sun Oct 25th, 9:30am!

We just now found out that our faithful snow-fencing-party organizer from previous years, Paul Graham, has chosen personal life over the our trail's snow fencing needs ;) He is available at end of Nov but we are hoping to be burried in a good amount of snow by then!
SO! we are going to try to round up some volunteers to hang as much as we can THIS Sunday Oct 25th.
That's you (and anyone you can wrangle into it on our behalf :) !!!!
Let's meet at 9:30am at the ski club shed (across from Canada Bonita trailhead).
If you come up later, just walk on up the trail and join a group.
Dress appropriately, bring gloves if you would like them, water, snacks, and wear layers. We will have Clay distribute the fencing rolls and bring up zipties. Something to hold your share of zipties for easy one-hand access will make things much better (regular pants pocket are NOT great as when you have to bend/squat and the ties will poke you and fall out).
Those of you who have participated before - you know it's a lot of work, but also quite a bit of fun with a good group of folks and is totally doable with kids helping or playing around, so come on up and bring out the whole family!!
We'll see how far we get this Sunday and then plan next weekend accordingly.
Hope to see you up there!
PS Mila says she (we?) will make really good cookies for those who come up! :)

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