Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Enchanted Forest season passes 50% OFF for club members until Nov 15th!!!

Did you know that our long time friends and sponsors and our favorite ski area Enchanted Forest Cross Country and Snowshoe Area has started their early season passes deals?!
Their passes are currently 25% off to the general public as early season price, however, for current Southwest Nordic Ski Club (SWNSC) club members the passes are 50% OFF! What a deal! That means that a full season family pass (which also comes with a 10% off merchandise and special events discount!!) is only $150!!
see full prices here (50% off price is NOT listed since it's only for our club members) http://www.enchantedforestxc.com/prices/season-passes
WHEN: 50% off discount to SWNSC members is only good until Nov 15th. That means you need to RENEW your SWNSC membership (or join) by Nov 13th to allow time to get your coupon code (see below) in time to purchase your discounted pass by Nov 15th.
1) Renew or join SWNSC online  here
2) within 2 days you will receive coupon code and instructions to purchase from us. Please contact us by messaging our facebook page or comment on this blog post right away if you do not receive it in 2 days.
3) make sure to use coupon code by Nov 15th to get your 50% off discount.
4) Feel good because SWNSC is a 501c3 non-profit so all membership fees and donations are tax deductible!
5) Feel even better because you are supporting a lot more than our club and our ski trails: SWNSC is also a contractor with USFS which allows the club to procure federal money to use to improve trails in our area (NOT just our ski trail!).
6) Tell your friends, like our facebook page and follow our blog!

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