Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Trail Grooming Photos 2/28/2015

Very nice storm!  But, some weird weather did follow it.  Fortunately, we only got snow on the trails and it should hold up pretty well until the end of March, barring any weird tropical anomalies.  Saturday was just beautiful classic skiing.  Sunday was nice too, but a bit wet and sloppy.  It was a good time to play around with different skis and klister.  I have a pair of "Zero" skis that have hardly ever been used, but they worked great in those wet snow conditions on Sunday. 

Anyway, enjoy these pictures of our Saturday morning "re-groom" job.  We had actually groomed the night before too, but it was still snowing heavily and we ended up with at least 10" more overnight. 

(click to make the pictures bigger) 

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