Friday, March 13, 2015

Skiing & Trail Report 3/13/2015

Still some great [spring] skiing to be had on the Nordic trails!  Trails got a fresh grooming on Wednesday evening, making things all smooth and fresh again.  Thanks to all the volunteer groomers who have stepped in to help out since the last round of storms.  It has kept things skiable until the really go through the spring burnout.

It's time to go back to rock skis, though.  Those areas that suffered the "June-uary Thaw" are now looking dicey again, but the rest of the trail is still awesome.  Perhaps we'll get an "end-of-season" touring track pulled back in, but if it doesn't snow again, we may call it for grooming operattions (if it doesn't snow again soon).

Here are some pics of the trail yesterday:

Still some coverage in the burn area, but lots of foot-hikers are starting to ignore the signage =(

Great views of Pajarito Mountain (this is probably the worst of the Nordic trail)

Just around the "New Point B" zone...full coverage

Nice and smooth skating, but a little warm and soft.  It made me think of exactly where to be stepping on my skis!

Some really lovely sections!

So different with all the light in March

Lots of trees are thinning themselves out along the trails

Meadow sections in really nice shape

Looking back to the east

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