Thursday, December 19, 2013

Grooming Report, December 19, 2013

We had some new guys volunteer up for grooming, so last night we went out for grooming lessons.  I forget how tough it can be at first, but all of them seemed to catch on pretty well, and actually enjoy it...I think.

Probably to their dismay, they were also wrangled into doing a little bit of shoveling in a few very thin spots.  The weather isn't cooperating very well, so a few short sections (all on the skiable loop above the burn) of the trail have taken a beating this week.  So, we shoveled quite a bit in those short sections, mostly around the "Rock."

While it is not a very pretty "groom" job, parts are still probably pretty nice.  We have maybe one more week of decent skiing if it doesn't snow.  If it doesn't snow, then it'll be back to rock-bottom, even on the upper loop.  Lots of the classic track got wiped out, so don't expect much there if you go classic ski.

Of course, the burn area is full of bare ground, so you'll have to hike through all that until past point "B" or so.  The lower road is only skiable past the burn (past that big hill), and then only to about Point "O".  The steep "bypass trail" from Pt. "O" to the lower meadow is barely skiable, and then that only dumps you out to the cooked-out lower meadow.  I suggest skiing back and forth on the skiable part of the lower road, then taking the "Clay's Cut-off" trail back up to the upper trail.  There is also skiable trail from Pt. "O" to "F," which is the end of the lower road up to the switchback on TJ's.

Get it while it lasts, and pray for snow!


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