Thursday, December 26, 2013

Conditions Hanging In There 12-26-2013

I got up to the trails to ski just after noon today.  As usual, I ran the first parts through the burn / south-facing stuff, put the boots and skis on at Point B (the new one, closer to Point C), then was able to ski continuously up the upper tree trails, back down to Pt-M, and back into the trees.

At Pt-B, it's thin with some spots here and there, but not too bad.  The conditions generally range from "poor" to "good," depending on the stretch.  There are six bad spots, but I was able to pole through all of them, most of which are only a few feet long.  The "Rock" section is sketchy and I actually made it through on just one ski touching the snow.  There are also a few of the icy/dirty spots, but they're not long and easily passed through.  Otherwise, most of the skiing is surprisingly nice.

It hasn't been groomed, so it is what it is.  I thought it was pretty good stuff, considering.  The far upper part of the trail and inner meadow down to M is actually nice with some soft new snow still on top.

Here are two pictures.  The first one is at the lowest part of the "snow zone" at Pt-B, and the second one is the top of the meadow at the Caldera Fence.  Everything looks about like this, with some +/- sections throughout.

It would take only a modest storm, or even some easy shoveling in those 5 or 6 rough spots to really improve things.

I forgot to mention that I did leave two sleds at the rock (but need to leave a shovel with them) to haul snow to the thin spots.  It really works -- we need an "adopt-a-bare-spot" program!  I'll take care of the section around the Rock myself... =)

Be careful if you do get out, but generally, it's nice where it's nice and I think it's still worth the trip up.  Plus, I've been able to stay in uphill/downhill jogging shape!

Happy Holidays.

At Pt-B (or so) just where the snow gets contiuous (at "Clay's Cutoff")

Looking east down the meadow from the top - the meadow trail is really nice still

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