Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall 2013 Trail work photos (Part 1)

 Lots of work needed on the trails this year...same ol' story.  But, the good news is that the progress we've made in the past few years, despite the fire, is really starting to take shape.  The trails have remained in good shape and have skied well in the winter and recovered well during the spring/summer/fall months.  The difficult thing is that the trees that did get burnt, even in some of the "low intensity" areas, are becoming unstable and falling down with more frequency.  There were a lot of trees down, with multiple "cluster" snags coming down.  It was especially bad from the last switchback up to Point L.  Every few feet there were big clusters down that had some quite large trees.  These photos just don't do it justice!

We'll have more trail work days.  Mainly, we'll need a lot of help with the fencing.  We'll see how the aspen/brush cutting work can be handled as well.  The club had to purchase a new brush cutter/trail cutting mower thing that will hopefully handle the work much more quickly.  It just wasn't possible to do it "by hand" anymore.

Big cluster down just below Pt. L (near the meadow)

After we got one of the big clusters cut out and cleared off the trail

Another "after" picture.  What a mess there was!

TJ's had a lot of trees down, including this large spruce that was actually still alive.  It covered the main trail on TJ's, plus the E-P cutoff.

Saturday evening just after the sun had set.  Some snow could still be seen on the runs.  The trails look quite a bit different than last year at time, thanks to the rainy spell.

I don't know why these next pictures loaded sideways.  I had edited them before uploading them, but they remained sideways anyway...
Lots of limbing work to do before we could clear the big downfall

Lots of aspens have died and are now falling all over the place

Typical "snag" that blocked many sections of the upper trails

Each one took at least an hour or more to clear out

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