Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Season Wrap up

Hi all,
Well, by all accounts it's been a great season! And although things are still
quite skiable, all good things must come to an end.
This past Saturday evening, we had a wonderful "Walpurgisnacht" celebration with
lots of food and libations, and an awesome fire. The skiing was fantastic, the
air was cold, the moon was bright, the food was delicious and the fire was warm.
See some of the photos I've attached to this message -- we'll put more up on the
website album when we get them sorted out.
Anyway, with this round of spring temperatures, we have decided to end the
organized grooming for the season. It just gets too weird with these long days
that get warm. The crust out in the meadows will stay skate-skiable in the
morning for some time to come, but the regular groomed trails will begin (or
have begun) rotting out.
With that, I am begging and pleading with all of you to help us get some of the
end-o-season chores done. My first question to all of you is when is the best
time to have a general club clean-up day(s)? I am thinking toward the end of
April (17th-18th, 24th-25th?), or even early May, as we need to wait until the
ground thaws more to pull out the fence posts.
Some of us groomers will be making some trips out to the meadow to gather up all
of the wands and bamboo marker poles to stash in the off-season, so that task
will be done before then.
Please take a look at your calendars and try to make it out to one of the work
sessions. It's not so bad with a few hands helping, and it's what makes our
volunteer organization work.
Thanks in advance,
Clay Moseley
club prez

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