Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clay and Denny's Grooming Report

Lots of new snow up there over the weekend. We didn't get around to getting it groomed until Tuesday night.

Things looked amazing when we were done, except for a couple of bad holes where we buried the machines =P

Classic track set on most trails, and skate lanes groomed out nice and wide. It'll be fast in the mornings; soft and variable in the mid-day to late afternoon hours. There's now about 12 hrs of daylight, so enjoy it while we got it.

We'll be having the end of season celebration "Moonlight" ski on March 27.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Anonymous said...

Great job grooming , Clay and Denny. Early this morning I skied out to the meadow on the ski only portion and returned on the main road. I was impressed with how good the snow was considering it is now mid March & was 50 degrees in town yesterday afternoon. My
2nd donation check will be sent in later today.

Mike Engelhardt