Sunday, April 19, 2009

Season continued one more day

Due to a nice dumping of snow on the 17th, skiing was to be had on the morning of the 18th. I tried to get up the hill on the evening of the 17th, but was turned back on no-shine hill due to snow and ice that defeated my two wheel drive. But on Saturday morning, Jessica and I got up to the trails for some good skiing.

Good coverage early on the trails

Woods were nice but sticky

Dork-grin me and action Jessica at point A

It was really sticky for me going up, so I mostly ran, coming back down it warmed up and I had some glide.

Jessica and I at the top of the meadow

The snow was great. I wish I did not stick as much on the way up, Jessica was strangely immune from this issue. The way back was pretty fun though, and the meadow was great. There were probably 10 skiers out by noon, with no snowshoe or dog tracks at all. The coat tree down to the bottom was going fast as we were leaving, but we successfully snuck in one more day.

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