Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trails Groomed 1/7/09

Just about everything got groomed tonight. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing out in the meadow, and even in the trees a little bit. That is some cold, dry snow, so it was drifting quite a bit and caused some grooming problems. It's pretty certain that parts, if not all, of the meadow will be drifted by tomorrow. Too bad, as it looked pretty good at 10:00 PM after pulling the big 6 foot Tidd through.

Since it was blowing and drifting, there's no classic track set until the far upper part of the meadow, which will most likely drift over as well. The lower road and the upper tree trails will be quite nice for both skate and classic.

It was quite chilly up there tonight, so everything should set up nicely for a bluebird day tomorrow. Break out the Swix Extra Blue!

If anyone is so inclined, the fencing on the front hill is getting buried by the snow. If you can shovel out the worst sections (5 or 6 of them), it would be really, really helpful!

The Groomers

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