Friday, January 2, 2009

Trail Conditions: update

Donna and I skiied the woods loop after 3:00 today, and were amazed at how good the conditions were once you got past the coat tree and Point "C".  Doing Classic with Swix VF30 kick wax I had great glide and great kick in good solid tracks that hadn't been skiied to death.  Skate zone looked pretty good.

We didn't ski the road or the meadow, and I expect they were pretty trashed and icy from all the holiday traffic, and will probably benefit from the coming storm.

If this little storm dumps a couple inches on the trail to cover the excess trash, regrooming the woods will probably be pretty easy, for Dave's work with "big red" really dozed the trail into shape and got it good and wide, with good classic track.

Thanks guys for all the grooming and cutting... from all the sawdust we saw, there were a LOT of trees down and you got them all!  We did a more modest effort of clipping aspen shoots along the nicely widened classic track.

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