Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tonight's Tuesday Night Ski

John Bernardin's evening ski is tonight, here are the details:

"We'll meet again tonight for our Tuesday Night Ski. Assemble at the West
end of the ski hill parking lot shortly before 5:30pm. We traditionally
(now that we've done this a few times) classic ski, although skaters are
certainly welcome. It should be snowing this afternoon and evening, so
conditions should be incredible for an evening ski through the woods (like
2 weeks ago). Bring a head lamp as we tend to finish up about 7:00pm. We
will ski some combination of the trail system and travel at an easy pace,
regrouping at several locations. This is a social event, intended to bring
people together, share skiing stories, pass on skiing tips to newbies,
etc. Come on out and tell your friends.

Ken was complaining that there was no food or drink following the last Tue
night ski, so all are encouraged to bring along something to share after
the ski.


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