Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chama Chili Ski Classic was ...well CLASSIC!

Beautiful weather, great snow, awesome course and over 70 upbeat participants made for a fantastic event! More posts on this to follow, I'm sure. Here is a shot of part of the start line - some UNM team, Kristina Strandberg of Subaru, Martina Stursova of Rossignol and if you look carefully, Tarik Saleh in orange and dark green stripes, with John Ullman behind him in a neon green collar and Gene Dougherty in a white and red KHS jersey pretending to be one of the UNM guys. Good showing for SWNSC!! By the way, you cant see him but they are all watching Clay Moseley (aka master groomer) explain the course and in particular the exciting/epic downhill on it! Check out www.chamaski.com for race results and eventually more race photos.

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