Friday, January 20, 2017

SWNSC Trails Update 1/19/2017

I haven't had a lot of time to keep the blog up to date with conditions, but I'll try to add some quick info more often.

As of today, we have a great base of snow, but with a lack of consistent grooming volunteers, it is not being groomed regularly.  That being said, we did get it bladed with a very soft track set on Tuesday night, then Dave Wykoff ran a pass with the roller yesterday morning, and today, Chuck Calef will be making some more passes with the "blade" groomer to go cut down the top crust and smooth things out after the 21" storm last weekend.  

It's supposed to snow overnight, so I will try to get up there in the morning to run the roller and see what things look like.  No guarantees that it'll be firm, so be ready for some good classical touring if it's still very soft.

We're still experiencing an inordinate amount of tree-fall.  It's taking away from our ability to dedicate time to the grooming.  Apologies for that.  Hopefully it subsides and we can get back to keeping the skiing in good shape!

Here's a picture of our new roller/compactor from YTS:

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