Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ski Season is Over =( Trail Report for 3/14/2013

Dave went up to attempt one last grooming, but the last couple of days (and the ubiquitous lack of deep base) were just too much for our poor trails.  Here is Dave's very detailed and descriptive report:

Ski season is over, burned out patches everywhere

So, that is a wrap for the grooming.  There may be some late snowstorms (...wishful thinking, especially this year!), but we won't groom anymore.  Thanks for all the support, and we hope you got out on some of the good days we did have this year.  There were quite a few good days, but it just didn't stay that way this year.  This is the third (relatively) bad ski year in a row!  I'm starting to notice a pattern, unfortunately.

The good thing is that we did a lot of great trail work that kept things in good shape for much longer than they would have otherwise.  With a bit more work to the trails, especially in the burn area, we can improve on these low-snow years by quite a bit.

Don't forget about the tree planting coming up in April.  That will help immensely!!!

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Dinka said...

posting for Lynn B:
A huge thanks to all the groomers for their work this season. We had one last magical day of fantastic skiing last Sunday after the little storm and early morning grooming - I think it was by John and Ken. What a great way to end. Between barely enough snow, a few trees falling on the trail, and all the late night elk parties, we had some really good days out on the course!

It does look like the snow will be gone for the tree planing dates on April 12-13 and 19-20. Sign up with me , Jennifer , or Craig Martin via the trails facebook page.