Friday, September 9, 2011

Grooming is a go on Sandia Peak!!!!!!!!

from Ron McCurley:
Clay et al, Southwest Nordic ski club members, and other interested skinny skiers;
This morning, I, Fredrik Landstedt, and Rich Besser met with the USFS to discuss x-c skiing in the Sandias, particularly at Ellis and surrounding trails. The barrage of e-mails (40-50) that they received supporting groomed trails up there obviously made an impression on them. They agreed to a need for groomed trails up there and to support the effort to make it happen! I was pleasantly surprised. We have a meeting now scheduled on October 18th (1 pm) to meet up at Ellis and walk the trails we want to groom so Fredrik can point out to them improvements that may be made to make grooming more feasible and skiing safer and more enjoyable.
So the e-mails all of you took the time to write paid off big time. Thank you all for your support. If I missed anyone on the cc above please forward this to them as well.

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