Friday, August 26, 2011

Help for xc ski trails in Albuquerque!!!

UNM ski coach and some local dedicated xc skiers in Albuquerque will be meeting with the forest service on Sept 9th to discuss getting USFS involved in having groomed xc ski trails in the area. It would help tremendously if those of you interested in having groomed xc ski trails available in Albuquerque could write in and/or call (contacts below) to the local forest service office. Specifically stressing advantages over backcountry/single track skiing would be most helpful because USFS there is under the impression that most users are actively AGAINST grooming and ONLY want backcountry skiing.
Do not worry, backcountry enthusiasts, adding groomed trail by no means limits back country skiing! One of the big plusses of groomed track for the entire ski community would be ease of skiing access for a larger cross-section of people. Groomed trails are safer, easily used by people of all ages and abilities (i.e. fewer broken legs!). They are an excellent way to introduce novices of all ages to xc skiing and can give additional outdoor opportunities for families, and groups such as class trips, groups of retirees and tourists. Basically, the main goal of groomed trails is to get more people to enjoy skiing!

Old timers, you guys should mention the level of traffic you saw back when there was groomed track on Sandia. I heard it was extremely popular!

Remember the meeting is on Sept 9th, so for most effect please write/call before then!
Please write or call your support for groomed trails to
Cid Morgan at or 505-281-3304 ext 117 (Cid is the district manager)
Kerry Wood 505-281-3304 ext 107

All opportunities for xc skiing are really opportunities for the local nordic culture growth and more fun snowtime for all!

Please email/call by Sept 9th if you can and encourage friends to do the same!

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