Monday, November 2, 2009

Attn: SW Nordic Ski Members and Supporters

Trail Work Day, Saturday, 7 November at 10AM

There is a very nice weather forecast for this week (for trail work, not skiing!) so we're going to get some work done up on the ski trail. We'll be meeting at the trailhead bulletin board at 10AM, then proceeding a couple hundred yards up the front hill to begin work on the "Sun Fence", so if yr running late, we'll be easy to find.

We'll be putting up the "Sun Fence" on the Front Hill, and also at a couple points further on up the trail system. For this bring warm clothes (in spite of the forecast!), work gloves, a snack and drinks. Bring a jack knife or snips or a "Leatherman" tool wd be handy for cutting the zip ties we hang the fence with. A small pair of clippers wd be nice for trimming the many aspen shoots that popped up this summer all over the trail.

A second shift will be starting under the auspices of John Ullman at 1:30 PM, so if you have a morning conflict, there is still a slot for you to come up and help. Figure on putting in a couple hours if you can.

If you are more into the logging/chainsawing mode, there are still a couple trees down that need more cutting up and hauling off the trail and a group of our experienced groomer/sawyers will be there and will welcome your assistance.

Please consider coming up and helping out , a small group of our hardcore diehards have already been putting in a lot of hours (see notes below), and we owe it to them to follow up with this nice simple job.

Call me at 455-2380 or email for questions or more information

Thanks, tom

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