Friday, February 20, 2009

Grooming / Trail Report 2/20/09

Dave and John got out last evening and regroomed things. Here's John's summary:

skated it this am. Its pretty good beyond point B. The track from there up to the top is pretty good but the track in the outer meadow is poor. Lower road is pretty good between the meadow and the cut-off to B. We made multiple passes above J and in the meadow, only 2 passes on Dave's and TJ's but they are in great shape. Ski hill jeep road on west side is also groomed 3/4 up. Ken, Jess and I skated it this AM before the downhillers go there. Enjoy.


Flamin' Mo said...
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Flamin' Mo said...

I was there with a friend on Friday, Feb. 20th for the first time. This is a fantastic trail. Thank you! And thanks for maintaining the website as well as the trail - that is how we found out about it.