Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Cleanup "party" a success

Several intrepid SWNSC members showed up to clean up the fencing, the signs, the wands, the abandoned snowmobile, the grooming equipment, etc., etc. from the trails this past Saturday. A BIG thanks goes out to all of you who turned out to help. It went very smoothly and it was actually fun.

Chilly and windy weather greeted us, but it didn't deter spirits as we all had such good memories of the very active season. After the work was done, we gathered at the end of the parking lot for a tailgate party cookout.

One of our Albuquerque members, Rich Besser, showed up and was a big help. He also brought his camera, which is good because Dina's is broken and my batteries died. So, pending him processing those and sending them along somehow, we may have some pictures from the final club event of the season.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped out!

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