Friday, March 5, 2021

going, Going, GOING... gone? (March 5-7)

Sorry for the long gap in posting a conditions update here. Things get really crazy with work, family, coaching, and of course all of this grooming business. After yet another long drought stretch that almost had us pulling the plug in February (NO!!!), we got that great week of snow and cold weather that saved our season...again. Funny how this year has been. Each month had a storm right in the middle that kept us in business and gave us one wonderful week of skiing, then followed by too much warm, dry, sun. I have to say, I didn't expect much out of this year and it has been frustrating, but overall I think it surpassed my expectations. We have had a fair number of very good days of skiing, just not a deep and resilient base to keep it going. We've definitely had a lot of days on rock skis and further degradation of skis that will become rock skis...sigh. 

So, here we are at March 5th and looking down the barrel of a "heatwave" forecast for Sunday-Tuesday. That's a bummer since we did pick up about 2" of new snow yesterday that the groomers went out and roll-packed down to preserve and keep it from blowing away. Word on the trail is that it is VERY good conditions, save for the odd thin and bare spot here and there. Tonight, we'll go up and perform the full ice-grind and groom for one last glorious Saturday, before the meltdown commences on Sunday. 

The kids' club will be having a practice biathlon in the upper meadow (kinda early), so be aware of that, but don't let it stop you. Come watch them scramble and ski their hearts out, while trying to remain calm while shooting the targets. It's kind of interesting to see. 

 After the big meltdown, the National Weather Service is hinting at an interesting an much wetter forecast for late next week and beyond. They're staying coy about the details, as all of these hopeful pattern changes have not quite materialized the way they would first report, but if it does turn out to be true, we might pull the equipment around again if it's worth it. 

 Thanks for all the wonderful support, and here's to a better season next year.

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